Our Pastor

Stephen BedardStephen Bedard has been the pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church since January 2016. Stephen and his wife Amanda are originally from St. Catharines and returned to their hometown after pastor in Brantford, Hamilton, Meaford and Woodford.  Stephen and Amanda are parents of five children. Two of their children have autism and disability advocacy is one of their passions.

Stephen is a graduate of McMaster Divinity College and is currently a Doctor of Ministry student at Acadia Divinity College. He has written books and articles in the areas of apologetics, discipleship and disabilities.

Stephen is a former chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces and has an interest in history, especially ancient history and World War Two. His favourite authors at C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The congregation is undecided on the quality of his puns.

You can visit his website here and and email him here.

Bedard Family